Monday, January 16, 2012

New study by Fife and Harter on medical care at taekwondo tournaments

Here is a new study hot off the press by Fife and Harter concerning the medical care at taekwondo tournaments! The article can be downloaded on the Archives of Budo website here. Feel free to comment on the study or better yet, submit your own review of the study to spark discussion.


  1. Thanks for posting Gabe,

    The paper looks interesting and I shall endeavour to read it later this evening. If I had known about this project I could have provided some data from Australian tournaments.


    1. Great Reider..

      What kind of data are you speaking of from your side of the world? Our data were survey results on medical personel. Have you collected data on similar variables??

    2. I could for instance easily have brought the same survey instrument you used with me when I collected injury data at both State and National Championships the last couple of seasons.

      I did, however, actually collect some very basic information about the medical personnel covering at State Championships. Just basic questions about credentials and experience. It was more for the purpose of me knowing who were diagnosing the injuries rather than generating a comprehensive profile of medical personnel covering TKD events. Thus, I doubt the data I have lying around will stand as any meaningful comparison.

    3. Well, read the article in Budo and see if you think there's something that can be added from your basic demographics. If not, other investigations from different parts is what we need to get the best picture of the current qualifications of medical at TKD events.

  2. Really interesting article. An eye-opener. Perhaps a point can be made that there are a lot more elite tkd competitions in Korea compared to the US (I'm just guessing here), raising the probability of injury and, consequently, mis-diagnosis. If you decide to include more countries in your follow-up, I can possibly help by getting data from the Philippines and new Zealand.

  3. great insight and notes on the higher number of elite events in korea. Yes! collaborations to assess data from other countries will only make the understanding of the current/changing field more clear...