Monday, October 3, 2011

Submit Abstracts or Full Papers to ITRC Website

If members are interested in posting their own or other taekwondo related resesarch papers, please contact the ITRC e-mail at: All documents will be available at the ITRC webpage for easy view

A standard file name format MUST be included for all submissions including a descriptive tag for the work provided. Please follow the following format:


Author Name_Publication Year_Journal Abreviation

File description: Publication title published/presented in Journal Title in the Year


Smith et al_2011_JTKD

Description: The effects of auditory feedback on poomse performance in taekwondo published in the Journal of Taekwondo in 2011

Also, if the abstract or journal article is provided via a file that originally does not include citation information from the publisher, please modify the file to include the correct citation at the bottom of the document as presented in the Aiwa & Pieter abstract:

Aiwa, N. and Pieter, W. (2007), Isokinetic strength characteristics of Malaysian recreational taekwondo athletes, The 1st International Symposium for Taekwondo Studies, Beijing, China, May 16-17.

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